Thursday, April 16, 2020


Welcome to the Birchwood Academy blog. We will be striving to present the best spanking scenes with classroom themes that we can provide. Yes, the Birchwood Academy clips store will sell video clips with other scenarios, but the primary focus will be on the storyline of Birchwood Academy. As such, this blog will focus entirely on those segments. For other updates that can be found in the clips store, please refer back to my personal blog for more information.

First of all, let me explain the storyline behind Birchwood Academy. Birchwood Academy is an adult charm school for young women with discipline problems that they would like to overcome. Thomas (the main spanker character, who is played by me, based on me, and named after me, but is otherwise a completely fictional character :D ) creates the Academy in response to his own girlfriend’s excessive bad habits. He operates under an assumption that treating the students as if they were still in grade school will regress their minds to a point in their lives when they were more receptive to learning new habits and ideas.

So, the rules of the Academy include that all students must wear a school uniform that includes a pleated skirt and white blouse, along with appropriate undergarments. He doesn’t specify any particular color scheme, though, as long as the style of clothing is appropriate. He also holds daily classes with all of the girls together, and even disciplines them with punishments traditionally reserved for children of school age.

He isn’t too concerned with whether or not any of the women actually experienced these things growing up, since he feels that many of the tactics that he uses have been ingrained into our culture, and easily recognizable. So, while none of the students may have attended a private school growing up, they still recognize a schoolgirl uniform and understand what it entails. While they may not have experienced the same punishments as children, they have seen them on television or read about them in books, so they can still relate to them. He feels that this is enough to form the correct thought processes in their heads for these tactics to perform properly for them.

This is particularly true of spanking and other forms of corporal punishment, which will naturally be the form of discipline most often seen in the videos. While corporal punishment would have already fallen out of favor in most school systems before these women were of age, the fact that they never experienced it personally doesn’t mean that it won’t have the same impact on them. Popular culture has taught them what a spanking is about, so the same emotions should be instilled in them when they are faced with having to endure such a punishment.

This is the basic premise behind Birchwood Academy. In truth, though, it’s just a thin excuse for having young ladies spanked in schoolgirl uniforms on video. Isn’t that a good enough reason for anyone? To see the spankings in action, visit the Birchwood Academy Clips Store.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Episode 008: Sneaking Off Campus

Talking with Katia in one of the common rooms, Cookie declares that she wants a soda, and that the sodas kept on hand at the Academy doesn't suit her tastes. So, she decides that she's going to go to the convenience store just down the street, which means sneaking off campus. Despite Katia's warnings that she'll be caught and get in trouble, Cookie takes the risks and heads out into the school's yard to find a place to get over the fence and down to the store without being noticed.

Unfortunately for Cookie, Thomas is surveying the grounds on this fine day, and she inadvertently walks right up to him, her attention too focused on watching the Academy doors to notice someone standing just a few feet in front of her. Unwilling to wait for an explanation, he takes her by her ear and starts to lead her right back inside and to the Academy's punishment room.

Once she is in the appropriate position across the spanking horse, Thomas takes the school paddle off of its hook on the wall and steps behind her. There is only a brief moment of lecturing before her skirt is raised and the paddling begins across the sheer fabric of her undergarments. Between strokes, he continues the lecture against skipping class and leaving grounds, hoping to infuse some respect for the rules that she was expected to follow.

When her panties are pulled down to reveal her reddening bottom, Thomas begins to ask if trying to get her own favorite soda was really worth the punishment that she was having to endure. The paddle does not wait for her answer, though, and her bare cheeks quickly colors a darker crimson under the punishing force of wood against flesh. Obviously, this wasn't worth that soda, but it's too late for that realization to save her from the paddling that she's earned.

As the paddling comes to an end, Cookie is made to count out the final five strokes before she finally is given a chance to collect herself. This moment of calm doesn't last long, though, as she's led to the corner to stand and wait while Thomas decides if she's learned her lesson, or if she should go back over the horse for a second dose. With her bare bottom on display, the fiery hues are proof that she'll think twice about making that mistake in the future.

To see this video in full, please visit the Birchwood Academy Clips Store.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Episode 007: The Punishment Room

After they are caught flipping off Thomas in class, Cookie and Katia are escorted by him to the Academy's private punishment room. The only decoration in this bleak room is the padded spanking horse that dominates one wall, and the implements hanging nearby. As they enter, Thomas directs Katia to move to the horse, and for Cookie to take a position behind it. He removes a strap from the available implements, and then begins to lecture them on their behavior back in the classroom.

When it comes to be time to begin the punishment, the girls are informed that they'll be receiving a total of thirty strokes each, with ten going across their skirts, ten across their panties, and ten on the bare backside. He then has Katia bend over the horse, assigning Cookie to help the young lady to stay in position for her discipline. Unfortunately for Katia, her skirt is short enough that bending over brings it up over her bottom, so the first ten strokes are more over panties than skirt. He doesn't go any easier on her because of it, though, and he goes through each set of ten with equal vigor with the stinging strap.

For the first set of ten over her skirt, or panties in Katia's case, the strokes are given normally. For the second set, over panties, she is informed that she has to count out each one. For the last set, though, when her bottom is bared, she has to repeat the phrase “I will be respectful of the teachers of this facility” after each stroke, adding a mental reminder to the punishment for her to carry with her.

With Katia's punishment complete, the girls are told to switch places. Cookie takes the position over the spanking horse, and Katia stands at her head to help keep her still during the strapping. Thomas follows the same pattern with Cookie as he did with Katia, though Cookie is lucky enough to have a skirt that still mostly covers her bottom during the first segment. By the time that the thirtieth stroke lands, though, the difference is minimal.

Satisfied that the punishment was sufficient, Thomas sends the girls back to class, confident that they'll behave a little better, at least for now.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Episode 006: The Other Smoker

After catching Aiden in the act of smoking behind the academy grounds, Thomas learns from her that Cookie has been smoking with her, but had only returned to her dorm a few moments before he had found her. Armed with this information, as well as a partially empty pack of cigarettes that he found in her things, he waits until the next day to confront Cookie about it during school hours, holding one of the school's most menacing canes in his hands. At first, she tries to deny the accusations, but is soon forced to admit her own guilt in the matter.

Thomas reminds her of the rules of the academy regarding smoking, as well as the consequences. Having dealt with Aiden on the night before, though, it was now Cookie's turn for punishment. Setting the cane down on the table, he takes Cookie by the hand and guides her up from her seat. He then pulls the chair out so he can sit comfortably, putting the errant young lady across his knees for the spanking that she richly deserves for her actions.

What follows is a lengthy spanking over his knee, during which Thomas holds little back as he firmly disciplines Cookie for her transgression. While the hard swats begin over the meager protection of her uniform skirt, these are soon lifted so that the spanking may continue on her regulation panties. Luckily for her, she does receive a few breaks in the seemingly constant barrage when his hand pauses long enough for him to lecture her regarding how she broke the rules. These moments of scolding do not last long enough, though, and are quickly followed by resumed slaps to her increasingly tender bottom.

Soon, even her panties are considered a hindrance to her just desserts, and they are peeled down far enough to expose both cheeks to the full onslaught of corporal punishment. This renewed contact of flesh upon flesh leaves little protection against the impact, and she can truly feel every swat at its fullest. This is exactly what Thomas intends, though, and he has more in store for the young woman, as well.

When he finally decides that she's learned everything that she can from the painful swats from the palm of his hand, he brings her back to her feet to complete the punishment properly. Having her bend across the table, he picks up the nylon cane from where he left it and prepares to use it on her reddened bottom. He assigns seven strokes for her bare bottom, one stroke for every cigarette missing from the pack that he'd found. To make them even that much worse, he commands her to count out each stroke after it lands, thanking him for them. The biting strokes leave vibrant stripes across her backside, making their paths clearly visible as they take the woman's breath away.

With her punishment over, he rubs her bottom for a few moments before allowing her to stand and fix her clothes. He then tells her to put her classwork aside for now, and directs her to reread the academy's handbook of rules. As a final assignment, he tells her to write an essay about what all of the academy's rules are, and what consequences come from breaking them, with the intent of finishing her punishment by making her read it aloud to the class.

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