Thursday, April 16, 2020


Welcome to the Birchwood Academy blog. We will be striving to present the best spanking scenes with classroom themes that we can provide. Yes, the Birchwood Academy clips store will sell video clips with other scenarios, but the primary focus will be on the storyline of Birchwood Academy. As such, this blog will focus entirely on those segments. For other updates that can be found in the clips store, please refer back to my personal blog for more information.

First of all, let me explain the storyline behind Birchwood Academy. Birchwood Academy is an adult charm school for young women with discipline problems that they would like to overcome. Thomas (the main spanker character, who is played by me, based on me, and named after me, but is otherwise a completely fictional character :D ) creates the Academy in response to his own girlfriend’s excessive bad habits. He operates under an assumption that treating the students as if they were still in grade school will regress their minds to a point in their lives when they were more receptive to learning new habits and ideas.

So, the rules of the Academy include that all students must wear a school uniform that includes a pleated skirt and white blouse, along with appropriate undergarments. He doesn’t specify any particular color scheme, though, as long as the style of clothing is appropriate. He also holds daily classes with all of the girls together, and even disciplines them with punishments traditionally reserved for children of school age.

He isn’t too concerned with whether or not any of the women actually experienced these things growing up, since he feels that many of the tactics that he uses have been ingrained into our culture, and easily recognizable. So, while none of the students may have attended a private school growing up, they still recognize a schoolgirl uniform and understand what it entails. While they may not have experienced the same punishments as children, they have seen them on television or read about them in books, so they can still relate to them. He feels that this is enough to form the correct thought processes in their heads for these tactics to perform properly for them.

This is particularly true of spanking and other forms of corporal punishment, which will naturally be the form of discipline most often seen in the videos. While corporal punishment would have already fallen out of favor in most school systems before these women were of age, the fact that they never experienced it personally doesn’t mean that it won’t have the same impact on them. Popular culture has taught them what a spanking is about, so the same emotions should be instilled in them when they are faced with having to endure such a punishment.

This is the basic premise behind Birchwood Academy. In truth, though, it’s just a thin excuse for having young ladies spanked in schoolgirl uniforms on video. Isn’t that a good enough reason for anyone? To see the spankings in action, visit the Birchwood Academy Clips Store.

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sixofthebest said...

Good Luck on your Academy for Naughty Women. May you each day spank a number of these females on their bare bottom's with a good caning.