The Cast of Characters

Thomas Elders III

Thomas was at the end of his wits over some of his girlfriend’s behavioral problems. However, he finally decided on a plan of action that he felt would enable her to learn to curb her bad habits. By dressing her in a schoolgirl uniform and having her attend classes on proper behavior, he hoped that her mind would regress to a time that she was more receptive to learning new behavior. As part of this plan, he intended to implement rigid discipline, using methods that have been culturally significant as schoolroom punishments. Seeing the opportunity, he considered that there would likely be other young ladies that could benefit from this regimen. Pooling his resources, he founded the Birchwood Academy of Feminine Studies and enrolled his girlfriend, Cookie, as his own first student.

Thomas is a stern disciplinarian for the girls in his care, administering strict repercussions when needed and giving praise when earned. He is affectionate towards the students, though, disciplining out of concern more than out of the responsibility of his position. Whether it’s a simple scolding or a firm hand, he always hopes that the recipient of his attentions will learn their lesson enough to not require a repeat of the procedure. While he cares deeply for all of his girls, he has obviously preference for Cookie, though he reserves any display of intimacy for private moments. When other students are present, he strives to treat her no differently than the rest of them.


Cookie Crawford

Cookie has always had a problem with keeping her behavior in check. While her boyfriend, Thomas, always tried his best to rein in her bad habits, she still somehow managed to make the wrong choices at the worst times. She never saw this as a terrible problem, though, until it became apparent just how determined Thomas was to see a change in her. Suddenly finding herself dressed in a schoolgirl uniform and having to attend classes on correct behavior, she wasn’t sure if this was a change that she was going to like very much, especially when it would come time for punishment.

Cookie is often shy and reserved around new people, but opens up readily once she’s become comfortable with someone. With those whom she calls her friends, she can be quite helpful, though this sometimes causes her to follow others into trouble that she wouldn’t have gotten into on her own. She can also be moody and stubborn, with a tendency to rebel against anyone with authority over her, including Thomas, who is both her boyfriend and headmaster. She sometimes likes to believe that her relationship with him gives her an exemption from the rules, but he will often bring her back to hard reality. Cookie also likes to procrastinate, putting off tasks to the last possible minute and often running late because of it. When she’s in a playful mood, she can be quite fun to be around, though she has been known to take things too far in her playfulness. Cookie’s worst behavioral problem, though, is smoking. While she has cut her habit down to almost nothing, she is still known to sometimes sneak a cigarette when she’s under stress, and is punished severely when she’s caught.


Aiden Kelly

Aiden was a spoiled little rich girl with a long history of getting her own way. It was a pattern that was likely to continue, too, until one day when she mouthed off to one of her father’s prospective business partners, causing him to lose a very lucrative deal. As a result, he decided that it was about time for his little girl to learn to act like a proper young lady. Until that occurs, she would have to survive on her own steam, without the benefit of Daddy’s money to help her. So, she has chosen to enroll in Birchwood Academy in an attempt to get back into her father’s good graces. Her improvement, though, has been slow, and far from stellar.

Aiden has always been the rebellious sort. If someone drew a line, she would dance right over it to see what she could get away with, and usually was able to do so without repercussion. Although a sweet girl, she tends to have an awful temper and gets out of control when things don’t go her way. At the Academy, she is constantly the instigator, helping the other girls get into trouble and pushing any limits that Thomas has set for them. Even when already in trouble, she will still try to brat or connive her way out of it. Her encounters with the headmaster, one of the few people to ever deny her whims, have gone rather roughly for her.


Katia Spades

Katia had always been somewhat used to getting her own way, which had become an increasingly troublesome problem for her and those around her. Her boyfriend, having heard from a friend about Birchwood Academy and its unconventional methods, decided that it would be an excellent opportunity for Katia to learn better behavior. He hoped that the experience would instill some level of discipline in her, as their relationship was suffering for her lack of it. Under the watchful eye of the Academy's headmaster, Katia would be dealt with by a firm hand, and would not be able to easily talk her way out of trouble as she was accustomed to.

Katia has a mischievous and incorrigible spirit that is largely the source of her problems at home and at the Academy. If there is any kind of trouble to be found, Katia likely won't be found far from the center of it. She also tends to be stubborn and headstrong, with no respect for authority, This regrettable trait often puts her at odds with the headmaster that she is now required to answer to. She continues to push the line as far as she can, though, and will take a mile if given an inch. Unfortunately for her, the headmaster isn't known for giving that inch.