The Mission Statement

Birchwood Academy prides itself on being a respected institution in which troubled young women can receive the guidance that they deserve and require to grow into successful young ladies. We combine the best elements of an adult charm school with the rigid schedule and discipline of a boarding school. All students are given equal attention, crafted for their individual needs, with an emphasis on education, excellence and discipline.

At the heart of our curriculum is a belief that our students will excel more readily in an atmosphere that reminds them of a time when they were more receptive to learning. To this end, we tailor their experience at the Academy to regress them back to their school days. A part of this approach is that all students are required to wear a uniform skirt and blouse with appropriate accessories and undergarments, and that a portion of their day is spent in a classroom environment.

Likewise, when disciplinary measures must be taken, punishments are chosen from those historically reserved for school settings. Punishments for infractions may include such tasks as standing in a corner or writing lines or apology essays. It is also possible, if the infraction is severe enough, that corporal punishment may be administered to a disobedient student. Students are made aware of these possibilities prior to enrollment, but our numbers show no evidence of having suffered for it.

While it is true that many of our current students never endured these experiences growing up, we still believe that they may benefit from the practices detailed in our handbook. These methods, though rarely practiced in modern schools, are deeply ingrained in our modern culture and media. Even if a student never personally had the experience of wearing a school uniform or suffering corporal punishment for transgressions, they understand the concepts clearly enough that their minds will accept the environment readily.

Birchwood Academy is breaking new ground in adult education methodology. I am so sure of the success of our methods that I enrolled my significant other as the Academy’s first student. Her success will be the Academy’s success. It can also be your success. Visit our campus and see if Birchwood Academy is right for you.