Casting Call

Birchwood Academy is in need of some eager spankees and I am currently seeking potential actresses to appear in future videos. I’m based in Tampa, but shoots may take place throughout west central Florida. The spankings given will be firm and real, and will typically result in anything from overall redness to marking/bruising. This will mostly depend on your skin type, and your experience in being spanked. If marks should occur, aftercare can be administered upon request to reduce further marks and increase healing. For anyone that would like to know more about me or Birchwood Academy, perusing any of my blogs should offer a lot of information, as well as visiting the actual store.

I’m willing to accept females of all ages, races and sizes, though preference will be given to those who would be most appealing to potential customers. This could likely include girls with paler skin (lighter skin reddens easier, and is more attractive to a spanking fetishist), girls whose weight doesn’t lean to either extreme (slim to chubby is good, but thin girls have little bottom to spank, and BBW is another specialized kink), and younger girls (I’m 37, and it would probably break the illusion if I’m spanking someone older than me in a video, though I’ve done so more times than I can count in real life). Girls that would be considered “cute” (a subjective value, yes) would also be preferred, especially in the school themes.

Wardrobe is generally not an issue, as most streetwear will be fine for a spanking video. Glamour isn’t necessary, and its absence is actually preferred in most spanking scenarios. Styles that appear plain, cute or innocent are preferable to those which would be considered sexy, hot or seductive. For undergarments, normal or bikini-cut panties are best, rather than g-strings or thongs. Bras (in those videos in which they may be visible) should likewise be “sensible” garments, rather than showy, and match the panties worn with them. Outerwear can vary, but there is again a preference for garments that make the wearer look cute. Short skirts that are pleated or frilled are excellent choices, as are shorts and pants made of looser material. Any garment that is difficult to remove, particularly when baring the bottom, should be avoided. Particular wardrobe needs can be discussed with the actress prior to a shoot, once the nature of that shoot is determined.

I would prefer actresses who would like to appear in multiple videos over a period of time, as I do have a recurring storyline for our store, but “one-shot” roleplays, punishments or simple play spankings are also possible for those who aren’t able or willing to commit to further appearances. The majority of the videos will contain a school theme, so the ability to play within this role will be a plus. Nudity is not required, with the exception of having a bared bottom during any spanking given. Other degrees of nudity may be discussed on a case by case basis, but will not make or break a shoot if the actress decides that she would prefer to remain clothed (again, with the obvious exception of a bared bottom). Most shoots will likely take place on weekends, though other times may be possible. The majority of shoots will only contain one spankee, though some might have two or three. The number of people on set will vary, depending on circumstances, but will usually run from two (spanker and spankee) to several (spanker, spankee, cameraman(men), other actresses waiting for their scenes, the person whose house we’re using, etc.). Shoots are laid back, and we try to let the scenes flow naturally, rather than scripted and forced. Three forms of compensation are available. Compensation may take a single form, or any combination of the three available choices.

Commission: This is a simple commission based on the number of videos sold with the actress appearing in them. For each video, fifty percent of the income is set aside for the actresses appearing within. For longer videos with more than one actress, this is split equally among the actresses participating. For most videos, there will only be one actress, so the entirety of this amount will be set aside for the actress in question. This option would probably be best for local actresses that would be willing to appear in multiple videos over an extended period of time. It takes time for sales to accrue, and this is particularly true while we are still establishing ourselves in the industry. With each video that we add, though, our total sales increase, so this could be a desirable option over time.

Trade: Another option is to trade time or resources between us. This could be as simple as filming two videos during the same shoot, and each of us keeping one for our own uses while promoting the other’s. This is obviously better for actresses that have their own sites or stores, or have the intention of starting one. Part of such a trade could also include sharing of cameras, lighting or other equipment for the duration of a shoot, as well as working that equipment while the other performs. For instance, if the actress owns a site or store that caters to lingerie lovers, I could hold the camera to film a video of her modeling a sexy teddy before passing the camera to someone else to film me giving her a spanking in that teddy. Ultimately, we can come to any agreement that seems fair to both of us.

Cash: Cash payments aren’t preferable at this time. This is simply because we’re a new studio. It will take time to see what revenue will be generated once we’re established, and we won’t know a fair and reasonable amount to offer until we do. Also, being new means that we have few assets that we could offer direct payment from. Once we’ve been in business for a period of time and have the liquid assets to pay directly, then this policy might change. We are already formulating what a fair price should be, based on my current communications with actresses, and balancing that with what we’re willing and able to compensate our actresses with. That being said, we are willing to book paid shoots on a limited basis. There is a stipulation, though, that any such shoots will be booked for the shortest available timeframe, and future shoots will not be booked with that same actress until revenue from the most recent shoot previous has at least covered the pay for the actress. This is to encourage actresses to promote their own videos and bring business to the site, as well as to give their very best for the shoot.

While not listed as a form of compensation (since, it’s almost the opposite), we are willing to accept actresses on a volunteer basis. In such cases, we put our preferences aside in regards to appearance, scene and wardrobe, and allow the actress to decide on what kind of video she wants to be in. This would be ideal for young ladies that simply want to be able to look back and say that they’ve been in a spanking video, if for nothing more than the feeling of accomplishment. It would also be a way for an aspiring spanking actress to start getting her name out in the industry if she doesn’t have any actual experience, yet. I’ve also known young ladies that consented to being in front of the camera in order to get the spanking play or discipline that they crave. One thing that I’d particularly like to see is young ladies coming forward to celebrate their birthday by taking their birthday spanking on camera.

Interested actresses may message me directly through any of the methods presented in the “contact me” link in the sidebar. Please include “spanking model” in any subject line, so that I’ll know the purpose of the message. A short description of yourself and perhaps a picture, plus your preferred payment method (or lack thereof) and what elements you’re willing to include in any video that we make (implements, degree of nudity, pain levels, etc.), would also be appreciated. All actresses will be required to sign a model release form, and provide valid picture identification as proof of age.

I would also be interested in sharing time and resources with other producers in the area, regardless of their video contents and without sharing of actresses. Again, this could include sharing of equipment, location and operation. I know, personally, that scheduling my actresses, alone, can be a dilemma, but adding in the extra problems of finding a suitable location, ensuring that I have the necessary equipment for a shoot, and coaxing a few friends to man the cameras can add to the hassle. However, if a shoot includes Cookie and myself, and a partner producer brings himself and another model or actress, then this means that two people can be in front of the camera for each shoot, and two behind the scenes to make it come together. It’s a lot better than a stationary camera, any day.