Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Episode 001: Cookie Comes Home to School

Cookie returns home to discover that the house that she shares with her husband, Thomas, is being vastly remodeled. Upon questioning him about it, he informs her that he’s going to be opening their home as an adult charm school for young women who need some direction in their lives. After telling her this, he also says that she has a new uniform that she’ll have to wear, and directs her to go try it on.

When she returns in her new schoolgirl outfit, clearly unhappy about the situation, Thomas goes on to give more detail as to the intent of the new school that he’ll be running. He explains that the primary focus will be discipline, which will be given in ways that may be thought of as childish to some. As a means of offering an example, he says that there will be a new way to deal with attitude such as the one that she gives him over his idea.

At that point, he reaches up from where he’s sitting and drags his wife across his lap, peppering her upturned bottom with a volley of stinging spanks. She tries to protest, but he offers her no mercy. In between painful swats, he scolds her about her behavior and reiterates that this is how things will work from now on, and that she’d better get used to it. After a good number of spanks over her skirt, he lifts the back to deliver a comparable number to the seat of her panties, and finally peels them down to finish the hand spanking on her bare bottom.

He finally allows her to sit up, telling her to stay put while he collects something from another room. Determined to enforce his authority in this new order, he returns to the room with a small wooden paddle and orders her to bend over with her arms on the back of the couch. The small implement makes quite an impression on her already punished cheeks. After her apologies satisfy him that she’ll behave herself for a while, he completes her punishment with ten more firm swats with the paddle, forcing her to count off each one.

With her punishment over, he instructs her to stand and fix her clothes, and then directs her to go to one of the newly completed classrooms for a written assignment. To reinforce the lesson to be learned, he has her copy a sentence multiple times to get the message through to her so that corporal punishment might not be necessary again in the near future.

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