Monday, November 8, 2010

Episode 002: Clean Up That Room

Thomas enters Cookie’s room to find it to be a complete mess. The bed is unmade. There are empty snack packages scattered across the sheets with crumbs spread everywhere. Cookie lies asleep in the middle of this clutter, having dozed off while reading a book when she’s supposed to be finishing her daily assignments. Waking her up from her untimely slumber, he scolds her for her slovenly ways and tells her to pick everything up and he will return to talk to her in a few minutes.

Cookie gets everything in the room cleaned up, making her bed and picking up all of the garbage quickly. She then sits on the bed and waits for Thomas to return as promised. When he does, he is holding one of the small paddles that he uses to instill discipline at the academy. He briefly lectures her on the importance of a clean room, and then puts her across his lap to discipline her for the infraction. He sets the paddle down on her computer desk, confident that his hand would be sufficient for the beginning of her punishment.

The spanking begins across the seat of her short uniform skirt, briskly heating her backside despite the protection of the durable fabric. The continuous volleys of stinging swats are occasionally interrupted by further lecturing to reinforce the purpose of the punishment. When he feels that the spanking isn’t quite getting through to her, the back of her skirt is pushed up so the punishment may resume on the thinner protection of her panties. Soon, though, even these are removed so she may feel the bite of his palm on her bare bottom.

When he finally decides that his hand has produced as much effect as it’s capable of, Thomas has Cookie stand back up from his lap. To add a touch of humiliation to her punishment, he tells her to hand him the paddle that he would be using on her, waiting for her to comply before laying her back over his legs. She is told to count out twenty swats, which are dealt out with excruciating slowness and intensity. She can barely utter each number as the paddle lands on her bottom, but is able to do so without any mistakes that would earn her additional strokes.

Satisfied with the lesson that he’d given her, Thomas has her repeat back a promise to keep her room clean. Cookie is then made to stand and report to the detention room, where Thomas wants her to write down that same promise fifty times so that she will remember it.

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