Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Episode 005: First Day Panty Trouble

A brand new student has registered for classes at Birchwood Academy, and is already in trouble after only just barely walking in the door. When Thomas asks Katia for her identification so he can finish her paperwork, he catches a very revealing glimpse of her undergarments as she bends over to retrieve it. While the shortness of her skirt is questionable, albeit permissible, the panties that she has chosen to wear underneath are wholly against the rules. The Academy's regulations state that white panties that completely cover the derriere are required. Katia's panties, though, are a bright shade of red, and certainly not within regulation.

Since this is Katia's first day, Thomas asks if she has read the student handbook. She, in turn, answers that she hasn't, as she didn't have time before arriving. Thomas, though, counters that reading the handbook is something that new students should make time for, as they are no less responsible for the contents simply because they're not familiar with them. Since she isn't familiar with the Academy's rules, though, he also surmises that she isn't familiar with their disciplinary tactics. To remedy this, he decides to give her a firsthand lesson in how behavioral problems are dealt with at her new school.

Walking her to a nearby couch, he promptly puts Katia across his lap and begins to instruct her in the manner that discipline is handled. His open palm lands repeatedly across the back of her skirt, which still only barely covers her bottom. The protection that it offers against the spanking is negligible, if any. Regardless, he quickly tires of the short piece of fabric being in the way, and flips it up to continue her punishment on the seat of her red panties, attempting to match the color of her bottom to them. During this entire spanking, he constantly lectures her on the correct garments to wear with her uniform, making sure that she won't be able to claim ignorance for future infractions.

Once he feels that her bottom is warm enough for the lessons to have been driven home, her spanking ends. The punishment is not over, though, as he sends her to one of the empty classrooms, where she's expected to sit down and manually copy every rule in the handbook for him so that he knows that she's read all of them.

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