Monday, November 15, 2010

Episode 004: Love Notes and Doodles

Cookie is supposed to be working on her daily chores and assignments. When Thomas finds her that afternoon, though, she is sitting idly while doodling in her notebook. She is also out of uniform, wearing an improper blouse and no shoes. Since she is so busy doing nothing when there’s so much to be done, Thomas decides that a motivational speech is in order. For Thomas, though, actions speak louder than words, and a hard spanking is the action that he feels speaks the loudest to an idle girl like Cookie.

He pulls her out of her chair, moving it into a better location and sitting down. As soon as she’s across his lap, the motivational spanking begins as he scolds her about the chores that are unfinished. The swats begin over her skirt, but that is soon lifted to reveal that Cookie is also wearing improper undergarments, as well. She argues, as she did with her blouse, that her other clothes are dirty. Thomas, though, knows that this simply reinforces that she should be spending her time doing the laundry instead of sitting around and writing love notes and doodling.

The spanking resumes on those skimpy little panties, though even these are soon removed so she can feel the unbridled sting on her bared bottom. Even as her bottom reddens, the lecture continues, making sure that she completely understands the reasoning behind her punishment. Finally, though, Thomas thinks that Cookie’s almost learned her lesson, and that’s she’s ready for a grand finale to her punishment.

Standing her back up, he has her bend across the table with her notebook open in front of her. Taking off his belt, he has her recite some of the cutesy love notes that she’s written. After each phrase is recited, she receives a stroke of the belt across her naked bottom. After a couple sets of strokes, plus a few extra for good measure, he finally allows her to stand and fix her clothes. After a hug, he then sends her off to finish the laundry that she’s been neglecting.

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