Sunday, May 22, 2011

Episode 007: The Punishment Room

After they are caught flipping off Thomas in class, Cookie and Katia are escorted by him to the Academy's private punishment room. The only decoration in this bleak room is the padded spanking horse that dominates one wall, and the implements hanging nearby. As they enter, Thomas directs Katia to move to the horse, and for Cookie to take a position behind it. He removes a strap from the available implements, and then begins to lecture them on their behavior back in the classroom.

When it comes to be time to begin the punishment, the girls are informed that they'll be receiving a total of thirty strokes each, with ten going across their skirts, ten across their panties, and ten on the bare backside. He then has Katia bend over the horse, assigning Cookie to help the young lady to stay in position for her discipline. Unfortunately for Katia, her skirt is short enough that bending over brings it up over her bottom, so the first ten strokes are more over panties than skirt. He doesn't go any easier on her because of it, though, and he goes through each set of ten with equal vigor with the stinging strap.

For the first set of ten over her skirt, or panties in Katia's case, the strokes are given normally. For the second set, over panties, she is informed that she has to count out each one. For the last set, though, when her bottom is bared, she has to repeat the phrase “I will be respectful of the teachers of this facility” after each stroke, adding a mental reminder to the punishment for her to carry with her.

With Katia's punishment complete, the girls are told to switch places. Cookie takes the position over the spanking horse, and Katia stands at her head to help keep her still during the strapping. Thomas follows the same pattern with Cookie as he did with Katia, though Cookie is lucky enough to have a skirt that still mostly covers her bottom during the first segment. By the time that the thirtieth stroke lands, though, the difference is minimal.

Satisfied that the punishment was sufficient, Thomas sends the girls back to class, confident that they'll behave a little better, at least for now.

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