Saturday, May 28, 2011

Episode 008: Sneaking Off Campus

Talking with Katia in one of the common rooms, Cookie declares that she wants a soda, and that the sodas kept on hand at the Academy doesn't suit her tastes. So, she decides that she's going to go to the convenience store just down the street, which means sneaking off campus. Despite Katia's warnings that she'll be caught and get in trouble, Cookie takes the risks and heads out into the school's yard to find a place to get over the fence and down to the store without being noticed.

Unfortunately for Cookie, Thomas is surveying the grounds on this fine day, and she inadvertently walks right up to him, her attention too focused on watching the Academy doors to notice someone standing just a few feet in front of her. Unwilling to wait for an explanation, he takes her by her ear and starts to lead her right back inside and to the Academy's punishment room.

Once she is in the appropriate position across the spanking horse, Thomas takes the school paddle off of its hook on the wall and steps behind her. There is only a brief moment of lecturing before her skirt is raised and the paddling begins across the sheer fabric of her undergarments. Between strokes, he continues the lecture against skipping class and leaving grounds, hoping to infuse some respect for the rules that she was expected to follow.

When her panties are pulled down to reveal her reddening bottom, Thomas begins to ask if trying to get her own favorite soda was really worth the punishment that she was having to endure. The paddle does not wait for her answer, though, and her bare cheeks quickly colors a darker crimson under the punishing force of wood against flesh. Obviously, this wasn't worth that soda, but it's too late for that realization to save her from the paddling that she's earned.

As the paddling comes to an end, Cookie is made to count out the final five strokes before she finally is given a chance to collect herself. This moment of calm doesn't last long, though, as she's led to the corner to stand and wait while Thomas decides if she's learned her lesson, or if she should go back over the horse for a second dose. With her bare bottom on display, the fiery hues are proof that she'll think twice about making that mistake in the future.

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sixofthebest said...

Such naughty female bare bottoms, need the cane, and a hard caning at that.

Anonymous said...

Hi,Well I feel sure she would have learnt a lesson but was it enough?An intriguing question to end the story!My wife and I have a
niece, aged 20, staying with us We have full'spanking rights' and spank or cane her when deserved on her bare bottom! A spanking ,first then she has to bend over a chair for up to 15 strokes with our light cane! Then corner time ,her bare bottom on dislpay! If She complains we discuss if she deserves more, if so we give it next day! John