Friday, November 12, 2010

Episode 003: Modest Posture

Aiden is lounging around in the common rooms when Thomas passes by and notices the very unladylike posture that she’s assumed. With her feet propped up on the coffee table, she leans back with her legs spread wide open, revealing her undergarments beneath her regulation skirt. He is none too pleased with this impropriety, as she came to the Academy to learn to be more like a lady. He scolds her about her mistake, and then exits the room to finish the task that he was in the middle of.

The next time that he comes into the room, though, he once again finds her in this immodest position. He chides her once again for her noticeable exposure, hoping that it would be enough to change her immediate sitting posture. After finding her in this same position twice more, though, Thomas quickly comes to the realization that scolding and lecturing just wasn’t having the effect on Aiden that it truly needed to. So, it is time for stricter measures to instill a sense of decency into the girl.

Reminding her of how discipline is handled at the Academy, Thomas puts the young blonde over his knee and proceeds to spank her firmly. Even with each swat muffled by the girl’s skirt, she is soon yelping and squirming as the heat on her bottom starts to build. This small amount of protection is quickly removed, though, after only one short volley of spanks against her skirt. Since modesty was the lesson to be learned, he wanted her to have good reason to not enjoy being exposed. The skirt is flipped up for another stern dose of his hand upon her backside. Swats to her vulnerable thighs have her twisting and turning over his lap, looking for respite which isn’t there to find.

When her panties finally come down, he reinforces the lesson of modesty by telling her to keep her legs closed during her spanking, warning that if her inner thighs become visible to him, that they would be his next target. With no protection left for her bottom and thighs, she has no choice but to maintain her modesty as best as possible while a rain of steady spanks land on her increasingly tender flesh. Somehow, though, she is able to keep her knees together and avoid worse punishment in this precarious position. However, Thomas has something much worse already planned that would surely teach her a lesson about keeping her modesty around him.

Once he lets her up off of his lap, he makes her sit down on her sore and bare bottom while he leaves the room to retrieve something. When he returns, he is tapping a leather strap in his hands. He has her assume the feared “diaper” position with her bottom at the edge of the couch and her legs in the air. All hope of modesty is lost to her in this position, which is exactly the point. He assigns ten strokes of the strap, which he delivers painfully to her bottom and thighs. With a final admonition when the punishment is over, he allows her to fix her clothes and return to her magazine, hopefully with a renewed respect for her own modesty.

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